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Cleanest Water

In addition to the removal of CTO (chlorine, taste, odour) using optional carbon discs, LifeSaver removes all microplastics and microorganisms to a minimum level of 99.99%, changing contaminated water into micro-biologically clean drinking water, on demand.

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Lifesaver can treat contaminated water from a variety of sources

Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Ponds, Wells, Rainwater Harvesting, Rainwater Tanks, Breached Water Infrastructures, Rooftop Tanks, Underground Tanks, Bore Holes.

How Clean?

LifeSaver products are aligned to the highest, portable, drinking water standards in the world.

All LifeSaver products have been independently tested to exceed the US National Sanitation Foundation P231 (consumer) or P248 (military) standards, both of which surpass the WHO 2011 ‘highly protective tier’ drinking water standards.

All LifeSaver products remove to a minimum:

  • VIRUSES 99.99%

  • BACTERIA 99.9999%

  • CYSTS 99.99%

In the ‘portable, clean drinking water’ category, LifeSaver is one of only two products that has been approved by the US Department of Defense.

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