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LifeSaver C2

LifeSaver’s largest product with a capacity of 750L, purifying up to 1,000,000 L of micro-bilogically clean water.


Dual taps provide a flow rate of 12L per tap, per minute.


Ideal for small, remote communities, schools, medical centres, pop up medical centres, industrial plants/sites.


Can be used in conjunction with header/ rainwater overground / underground  tanks, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, wells, bore holes.

Water can be electrically/manually pumped or gravity fed.


Long filter life can typically provide up to 300 people with clean drinking water on demand, for up to 1 to 2 years before filter change is required.

LifeSaver C1

The C1 provides an ‘in-line’ filter connection to any pressurised water source, purifying up to 500,000 L of micro-biologically clean drinking water.


As it sits ‘in-line’ no pump is required and it ‘cleans’ whatever water source is available eg. Rainwater header harvest tank or municipal water supply.


Portable and lightweight : 92cm, 6KG


Easy to install, with an option to daisy chain to additional C1 units.


Ideal for remote humanitarian needs, urban and suburban living.


Small footprint, big impact!

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Jerrycan 1.jpg
LifeSaver Jerrycan

Ultra sturdy, made from reinforced plastic moulding with a capacity of 18.5L , purifying up to 20,000 L of micro-biologically clean water.


Accredited by the U.S. Army Public Health Center (APHC) with the NSF International Protocol P248 Military Operations Microbiological Water Purifiers (2012, Protocol 248)


Used by several military forces including UK MOD (Ministry of Defence) and US DOD (US Department of Defense)


Ideal for military, remote operations, expeditions, campers, caravans, expeditions, overlanders.

LifeSaver Cube

The Cube was originally designed in conjunction with Oxfam, to create the ideal filter for humanitarian disaster response.


The Cube is regularly used by NGOs such as Oxfam, UK Aid and DFID.


It has a capacity of 5L, purifying up to 5000 L of micro-biologically clean water.


Flow rate 1.25 L per minute.


Light enough to be handled by a child and can be delivered quickly to relief areas.


Easy to transport and store – 180 per pallet.


Ideal for humanitarian, disaster relief – e.g. Ukraine, Turkey / Syria earthquake.


The Cube comes in two colours – yellow for ‘humanitarian’ and white for ‘ consumer’.


Family size, providing sanitised clean water on demand for up to three months.


Environmentally very friendly:

5000 LifeSaver Cubes = 25 million litres of clean drinking water.

Shipping the equivalent as bottled water would take x 189 747’s!

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LifeSaver Wayfarer

LifeSaver’s smallest and lightest water purifier, purifying directly from the water source, delivering up to 5000 L of micro-biologically clean water.


1 litre per minute flow rate.


Utilisers popular ‘ in-line ‘ hand pump design.


Ideal for remote workforce, campers, trekkers.  


Long lasting, replaceable filter.

LifeSaver Liberty

USP: The world’s only combined water filter + inline pump, which can be used either as a ‘water bottle’ or ‘in-line’ hand pump (similar to Wayfarer).


It has a capacity of 400ml, producing up to 2000 L of micro-biologically clean water.


Perfect for outdoor / travel e.g. Fill up from hotel tap, lake, river, stream, pond.

Bottle and kit.jpg
LifeSaver Bottle

USP : The world’s first ultra-filtration portable water purification bottle, with a capacity of 750Ml, producing up to 6000 L of micro-biologically clean water.


LifeSaver Bottle exceeds full NSF P248 ‘Military Operations Microbiological Water Purifiers ‘ protocol set by the US Army Public Health Center (MEDCOM).


Increased capacity makes it ideal for disaster relief, military defence, remote workforces, outposts.

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